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Challenges Description:

Tarbiat Modares University has a foreign student. His name is Zedmondo. He has a very shady character. He always walks alone, eats alone, and never talks much. There are some rumors about him. Some people say he is a genius sociopath; some say he is just too self-involved. But one thing is obvious; he has a secret. Once, one of the students heard that he was talking about receiving some important documents via a private email. Maybe if we find his email, we can learn about his secret. Note: The flag format is TMUCTF{emailaddress}.

Google search “Tarbiat Modares…

Since last year, cobalt strike payloads are everywhere. We saw hackers used Cobalt Strike in many attacks. Some serious cyber incident like SolarWinds supply chain attack [1]. In Proofpoint’s new article, said that Cobalt Strike is the favorite tool from APT to crimeware [2]. Cobalt Strike is a penetration tool which developed by Strategic Cyber. It’s a good framework for collaboration by Red team.

In these days, the executable and dll type of cobalt strike payload are most often used in attack. Other’s payload type like macro or powershell sometimes were also be delivered by attackers. …


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